Dj Pistol Pete

is originally from Erie, Pa, and moved to Baltimore in 1976. He got into Djing, in 1979, because he was too shy to dance.  He recalls that you would see him standing near the booth two stepping to the beat. 
...Back then, Pete desired to be part of the party so he decided he would make people dance by being a DJ.  While learning how to mix, he would spend countless hours listening to Grandmaster Flash.   And when he heard a cassette tape from WBLS (NYC), he started to listen and learn how to count beats and concentrated on skills of editing. 
Eventually, he was able to attain another turntable, along with a Radio Shack mixer and smilingly, says “I went to college, majoring in “mixology.  ” And, in 1985, he became interested in the house music genre and was introduced to a club called “Odell’s” in Baltimore.  From that point on, the rest is “HIStory”.