William Dj Wm J Curtis ,Has been Djing  in Baltimore and surrounding areas for the past 33 years.. Dj Wm J was a resident Dj inside The Baltimore Oak Tree also played at venues such as Volcanos , Foxes Den, and Shake & Bake to name a few. Dj Wm j is now strickly a mobile Dj with hopes of playing in different countries such as ,Japan, Spain, Germany and South Africa. Though Dj Wm J is a well rounded Dj He's adapted a strong passion for HOUSE MUSIC . William Dj Wm J Curtis grew up listening to people such as Dj Spen , Thommy Davis, Teddy Douglas and Wayne Davis just to name a few but , the one Dj that made a huge impact on his life and had a lot to do with him becoming a House Dj was Dj John Johnson .John johnson put the fire under his feet to wanna learn more and more about the House Music genre.. Later on Dj Wm J was introduced to people such as Dj Sw3 and Dj Pistol Pete who also played a heavy role in Dj Wm J becoming a Producer . Pistol Pete stayed in his ear to help fine tune what Pete thought was a creative beast trying to get unleashed and with Dj Sw3 being brutally honest about Dj Wm Js work helped him to try harder to become better reaching for the Best ... Thanks to Dj John Johnson, Dj Sw3 , And Dj Pistol Pete I am who i am today .......
for bookings ; djwmj@yahoo.com or djwmj2010@gmail.com

links ; www.youtube.com/channel/UCH1SZzt-Hsi29D6h2iAU7g                                                                   

William "Dj Wm J" Curtis