born and raised in Baltimore, MD in 1960, Clifford Summers aka C-ROSS knew he was different from his siblings because they liked ballads and soulful music and he liked dance music from the moment he heard it.
Clifford bought his first 12” single in 1978 and went to his first dance club in 1979.  Thereafter, he has loved Disco, Club and now, House music ever since. He became interested in DJing around 1983. A good friend treated him to his first battery powered/ power cord mixer and after that he tried many times to get the mixes to blend together. One day maybe around 1985, he was playing around with the turntables and all I kept remembering was to match the beat and since then “it was on”.   Clifford and a friend did many countless parties and all the while, he started getting more and more into the new sounds of House music.  And, at one point in time, his record collections only consist of HOUSE MUSIC until he thought it was time to include some R&B.
Up until he was given the opportunity to dj on Face The Bass Live, he had become used to mixing in his own private setting and accustomed to doing many private gigs but has decided to share his joy of djing, his musical talents and the” knack of a sound” the way he once heard it in the countless clubs he has attended since 1979 with others through internet streaming.