Lamont McBride also known as DJ Montego has been a DJ for about 10 years now, doing the local clubs and bars.
...Growing up he was into everything from Gladys Knight to Snoop and Dre. "I was always in a club somewhere...always on the floor, but there was something that was missing. I knew I was supposed to be moving the crowd".
Then about 5 to 6 years ago this thing called Facebook showed up, so he started searching for people he had lost touch with and low and behold there he was. The guy that had left him here in Erie some 20 years ago, his cuzzo, DJ Pistol Pete. They started talking music and right away he was asking himself, "but what is this? House?". He started listening to Pete's mixes and started getting in on his shows and even going to the House Clubs in B more. "I remember standing in Club 347 and this DJ played the Doobie Brothers, the house version..It was a wrap!"
Since then, he has started mixing and blending and creating his own style. To this day, if you see him theres most likely some house in his ears!