Born in Queens, NYC and raised in the City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia had become a vivid musical lover at the tender age of 13 listening to his father’s collection of music.
...He became determined to become an influential underground Eclectic Music Selector that plays a variety of musical gems ranging from Soulful Electronic, Latin, Soulful House , Broken Beats, Twisted flavor and everything in-between that bears soulful cosmic twisted rhythms-catchy to the listening ear.
In the beginning there was House Music as we’ve all heard and have seen it played over and over again. David brings a new flavor into the mix, with his vast taste and unique vibe, David is sure to send your soul spinning into another galaxy with his show "Phuturistic  Soul Vibes" .  He has been known to fill a soul into a musical state that is orgasmic, a mental state that keeps you wanting more, and a physical state that penetrates into your nerves tickling them awake giving you sensations that will make your body move. Either tapping your feet, hands, bobbing your head or dancing into full swing you will be enticed by David's Phuturistic Soul Vibes.